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Terms and conditions

All purchases and sale of the products on MatajerOnline are governed by these terms and conditions in compliance with law of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  1. We need to collect your data for processing your purchases on the website or for any other possible later claims. We would need your data to provide you will the best of our services. Do not worry; your data will remain confidential. In case, you have any concerns in this regard, feel free to contact us
  2. In rare cases we may be unable to accept your request, for example: if our product is out-of-stock or a product pricing error, in which case we will return the payment for the order that has been canceled or not accepted. We have the right to reject or cancel any orders whether or not the order has been confirmed. The charges will be refunded to you based on your payment method.
  3. MatajerOnline reserves the right to make any changes or modifications to the website and to the policies and agreements related to the online store including the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions.
  4. We may offer Promotional discount codes, from time to time, which may apply specifically to purchases made through the website. Terms of use associated with any such discount code will be determined when the code is issued.
  5. These Terms and Conditions are in compliance with the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In the event of any dispute or action relating to these terms and conditions, both Customer and Seller agree that the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia shall constitute to the legal requirements and that no country other than Saudi Arabia shall have any jurisdiction over any part of Relationship of the
  6. By using this website, you agree that the above Terms of Service constitute the entire agreement between the parties and that they supersede any prior or contemporaneous agreements between you and MatajerOnline mentioned Any waiver of any provision (s) of the Terms and Conditions of Service shall apply only in the case of written and signed text from MatajerOnline.

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