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Deluxe Arm Bands


3.45 SR  17.25 SR (Excl. VAT)
3.45 SR  17.25 SR (Incl. VAT)

Product Highlight

These Deluxe Arm Bands are a great swim aid for children learning to swim. With complete safety guarantee, your kids can be promised with a great time in the pool

  • Each pack has 2 arm bands, one for each arm of your child
  • Every arm band has 2 air chambers for guaranteed safety
  • It has a flat inside band for free arm movement
  • Perfect for age group 6 to 12 years old


Weight : 300 Gms
Dimensions : 30 X 15 Cms

عوامة الذراعع من (انتكس) مناسبة للصغار والأطفال الراغبين بتعلم السباحة ويحافظ على بقائهم خارج الماء
تحتوي على قطعتين للذراعين قابلة للنفخ مناسبة للأعمار من ٦-١٢سنة

We guarantee that every brand we sell is 100% Authentic

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