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Leather Car Back Seat Organiser - Red


51.75 SR  201.25 SR (Excl. VAT)
51.75 SR  201.25 SR (Incl. VAT)

Product Highlight

This Multi pocket storage back seat organizer is exactly what you need for when you want to organize all your car belongings in one easy to access place, making it convenient for you

  • Multi pocket storage includes:
  • Mobile phone bag (x 3), tablet bag (x 1), cup bag (x 2) and paper towel box (x 1)
  • It can be installed behind the seat to saves your car's inside space.
  • High quality Leather which is scratch-resistant and wear resistant.
  • Waterproof and dirt resistant as well making it easy to clean.
  • Convenient for collecting baby supplies, so that you wouldn't fumble when you have to attend to your children.


Weight : 800 Gms

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