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Makeup Brush Holder and Stand


46.00 SR  97.75 SR (Excl. VAT)
46.00 SR  97.75 SR (Incl. VAT)

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Oval cosmetic brushes are a great new innovation in applying cosmetics, but once you have your set of brushes you'll want a way to keep them organized and in good condition. This beautiful acrylic rack was made just for that purpose. With room for 10 brushes, all your brushes can be lined up and ready for use; no hunting around for the right one. This rack will also keep your valuable brushes from being damaged from bumping around in a drawer or bag, or from resting on their bristles.

  • Designed especially for oval cosmetic brushes, this beautiful acrylic organizer will keep your collection of brushes neat and tidy.
  • Helps to avoid damage to your brushes from having them tossed into a drawer or cosmetics bag. This organizer will hold them upright and keep the bristles from getting bent.
  • Perfect for drying your brushes after cleaning. This rack holds them in the optimum position for letting them air-dry.
  • It can be washed and used in damp environments without rusting.
  • It has a Non-skid base, clean and elegant design, sturdy acrylic and nickel-plated steel construction.


Weight : 181 Gms
Dimensions : 35 x 5.5 x 0.4 Cms

قاعدة فرش بيضاوية مصصمة بذكاء لإستيعاب جميع مستلزمات المكياج مرتبة و أنيقة. مصممة لتستوعب عشرة فرش أو أدوات تجميل. مصنوعة من مادة الأكريليك المقوى و المقاوم للكسر.
مصممة لتتناسق مع أحجام فرش المكياج تحافظ على أدوات تجميلك نظيفة و مرتبة سهلة التنظيف وإعادة الإستخدام قاعدة مانعة للإنزلاق لإحكام تثبيتها في طاولتك الخاصة

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