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Onna Coffee - Colombia Yuppie


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Yuppie means hope and joy. That’s a spot-on name to call this coffee as it is the joint work of a group of young producers who went against the norm of leaving the countryside to work in cities. They rather decided to work together to restore hope in the coffee industry and work together to make a sustainable, higher quality coffee production operation. Each member takes care of his plantation and then they join forces in a processing station that helps them process all their coffees. This coffee comes from Valle de las Animas terroir, which literally means “valley of souls”, located in Concordia. Which is probably the highest in Antioquia. With an average age of 58 for Colombian coffee producers. Jovcoffee association aims to transfer knowledge from the older producers to the new generation while encouraging them to use and discover new technologies to help them produce a higher quality coffee, gain higher margins while making the profession more dignified. This coffee has distinct fruity and juicy notes complemented with a caramel finish and milk-chocolate notes.

  • Source: Antioaquia, Colombia
  • Process:Fully washed
  • Height:1,600 – 2,100 msnm.
  • Notes: Orange, Coconut, Milk – Chocolate
  • Use for: Espresso


Weight : 0.25 Kg

.Yuppie تعني الأمل والفرح. هذا اسم مناسب لتسمية هذه القهوة لأنه عمل مشترك لمجموعة من المنتجين الشباب قرروا العمل معًا لاستعادة الأمل في صناعة القهوة والعمل معًا لإجراء عملية إنتاج قهوة مستدامة وعالية الجودة. يعتني كل عضو بمزرعته ثم يتحدون في محطة معالجة تساعدهم في معالجة جميع أنواع قهوتهم.
المصدر: أنتيوكيا ، كولومبيا المعالجة: مغسول الإرتفاع: 1،600 - 2،100 msnm النكهات: برتقال وجوز الهند وحليب وشوكولا يستخدم ل:إسبرسو

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