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TOMMEE TIPPEE - Healthcare kit


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37.95 SR  113.85 SR (Incl. VAT)

The Tommee Tippee Health Care kit contains everything that you may need both at home and on the go. This Health Care Kit includes a digital thermometer, aspirator, a toothbrush, two emery boards, a nail clipper, a scissors, a brush and a comb. The Tommee Tippee Health Care essentials all come in a handy pouch for these to be kept in safely.

  • Nine essential items for grooming baby.
  • This Health Care Kit includes a digital thermometer, which can be used to take baby's temperature either orally or under the armpit. It also includes an automated warning sound which sounds if temperature readings reach fever levels.
  • Organized in a handy material pouch. Multi-purpose kit with high quality contents.
  • Ideal for nursery and travel. Suitable gift for first time mums



Weight : 300 gms

Dimension : 6 x 11 x 16.5 cm

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