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Ungrip - Rose Patterns


56.35 SR (Excl. VAT)
56.35 SR (Incl. VAT)

Product Highlight

Ungrip Patterns Collection: The Most Comfortable and Secure Way to Hold Your Phone! It is compatible with iPhones and Android Phones.

  • EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE: Unlike metal or plastic rings, this fabric is most comfortable for your fingers.
  • HIGHLY FLEXIBLE: Ungrip's design allows you to hold your phone in a dozen of ways!
  • VERY SECURE: With its strong bond to your phone and strap around your finger, your phone is not going anywhere!
  • BEAUTIFUL: unlike other substitutes, Ungrip's aesthetic feel goes will with all the phones.
  • UNIVERSAL: Compatible with iPhones, Android phones while also being great with most phone cases.


Weight : 18 Gms

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